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Ideas to Help Build a New Generation of Readers

Make reading FUN!

on January 9, 2012

Welcome! Have you taken the Birthday Party Pledge? If so, thank you for making a commitment to give multicultural books to the children in your life. If not, you can take the pledge now:

I promise to give multicultural books as gifts to the children in my life for ONE year.

I promise to encourage them to read about and appreciate diversity in all its forms.

I commit myself to building a new generation of readers!

Do you know a child who’s reluctant to read? The BPP team has come up with some suggestions that are sure to get young readers excited about books.

Ari: Pick a book from our Global Fiction list and prepare a meal from the country that’s featured in the book. You can also dine out at a restaurant that serves food from that country. Over dinner, discuss the book and share insights you gained into a different country and culture.

Doret: Read together. Pick a book from the Chapter Book list and share it with a beginner reader. Read a few pages and then allow the child to do the same. You’ll get to spend quality time together while enjoying a great story and strengthening the child’s reading ability.

Edi: Choose a book from the Historical Fiction list. Read the book with your child and then visit your local museum or historical society to learn more about that particular era. You can also watch a period drama set during that time, or prepare a meal with food appropriate to the era.

Jill: Start a mother/child book club. Perhaps you can recruit from a play group or school friends. Depending on the age of the children, use any of our links as a resource list for your book club selections.

Zetta: Know a child who’s too far away to hold on your lap? Pick a book from our Picture Book list and record yourself reading the book aloud (audio only or video). Then wrap the book and send it along with your recording. The child will be able to follow along as s/he listens to your voice. A great idea for families that are separated due to incarceration, military service, or divorce.

Have a suggestion of your own? Leave a comment so that others can benefit from your idea.


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